Beta Male Mindset

For so long I wondered why beta males defended the women who cuckolded them, cheated on them and abused them. Then I realised that it was the belief schema they had been raised with and has been ingrained into their psyche and they will stop at nothing to defend it because it’s such a core part of their identity *guy who is nice to women*. When a women cheats on them, they try to fit that information into their existing set of beliefs and decide it was because they weren’t NICE ENOUGH. When in-fact they were being too much of a pussy and not taking the lead.

Changing your entire set of beliefs and changing to a “red pill” way of thinking about women takes a lot of work. It means scrapping everything your mother/beta father taught you about women, letting go of the ego behind it, going through some pain, accepting what you believed was wrong and then seeking new information to believe in, and testing it out to see if it brings you success.

Stay Hungry.


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