Game Addiction

I have an addiction to reading game blogs. I’m subscribed to over 10, as they all like to weave themselves among other manosphere blogs and it is so so easy to get drawn to other content. I like to check my Google Reader everyday, sometimes a few times a day for the content they have posted. I enjoy reading them because they often describe the lifestyle that I would like to obtain in regards to women and relationships but do not currently hold. It is in part a fantasy. I also enjoy being part of the ‘community’ and knowing the theory, history and terminology. However, in the past 2 years of reading game blogs, how many girls have I slept with?  2. How many girls have I made out with?  A dozen.

This therefore ends the my time of reading game blogs as I have thoroughly proved that action wins over theory every time. The content that I have learned through the manosphere has been insightful in many areas of my life and helped me gain the courage to talk to women, but now I believe that time must end. It is time for a new me. The avoidance-weasel in my head will appear again, but I will rise to crush it again and again. Perhaps this addiction can be replaced with something more productive.

When are you going to stop wasting time in the fantasy and go out and create it for yourself?

Stay Hungry.


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